GoTow Roadside Assistance

We are a proud partner of GoTow Rescue, a 24/7 roadside assistance service for golf carts (and their owners) in distress.

Whether you find yourself stranded without battery power on the paths, needing a tow to our shop for maintenance work, or in any other situation with your golf cart, GoTow Rescue is here for you.


Pre-paid Annual Plans

For those who like to play it safe and have peace of mind that they’re covered in the (hopefully unlikely) event of needing roadside assistance, GoTow Rescue offers pre-paid annual memberships for $65. This provides year round golf cart towing service 24 hours a day 7 days a week to those who sign up with GoTow Rescue prior to being in an urgent situation.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

For those who unexpectedly find themselves stranded on the cart paths and do not have a Pre-Paid Annual Membership, GoTow Rescue will provide a towing service and an annual membership for $85.

Whatever membership option you choose, GoTow Rescue is here for you. To sign up for this service and gain peace of mind, call 678-833-4712.