Custom Refurbished EZGO RXVs

Big O’s Golf Carts specializes in creating custom refurbished golf carts. In fact, we’ve developed a bit of a reputation for creating some pretty unique golf carts. Some people may say that the sky is the limit. But when the owner of a golf cart shop is a real-life rocket scientist, we say the sky is just the beginning!


"We believe the sky is not the limit - it's only the beginning!"

Custom Made Just For You

Whether you need a lifted golf cart with plenty of cargo or a flashy design to turn heads on the cart paths. Or even a subtle-but-fun cart to get around your neighborhood. We like to think we can create something for everyone. Because no two customers are alike, we believe every golf cart should be made special too.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, check out our gallery below where we feature a few of our favorite custom golf carts. Just see where your imagination takes you! From your favorite sports team colors, to your family’s emblem/crest, or even just colors and features that make you smile... If you can dream it, we can build it!

Popular Packages

Below are some of our customers' favorite fully refurbished packages. You may find them useful as a starting place when custom-building your perfect golf cart.

PTC Package

Peachtree City Package: 
This Package includes an EZGO RXV with a 6-Month Warranty. It will feature:

New 48-volt Trojan Batteries (includes an 18-month warranty)

New motor brake

New paint (choose from ANY COLOR car available!)

New seat covers in black, buff or white

Standard 8” rim & tires

Extended Doubletake long top, fitted with tracking for an all-weather Sunbrella Enclosure

Rear flip-down seat with heavy-duty suspension

LED head + tail lights

Tinted fold-down windshield

Battery Meter

Voltage Reducer to help maintain life of batteries and power any accessories


(Price is based on year of golf cart. Please contact our Sales Manager for options.)

Premium Package: 

Includes everything in the Peachtree City Package (see above), plus:

Street Legal Kit (features Turn Signal + Horn + Brake Lights)

USB/Phone Charger

Premium Upholstered and Custom Hand-Stitched Seat Covers (choose from a wide variety of colors and textures)

Upgraded 12” or 14” DOT-Rated Wheel Packages (Various options available)

Premium Package EZGO RXV
Premium Plus Package EZGO RXV

Premium Plus Package: 

Includes everything in the Premium Package (see above), plus:

“Guardian” Rear Seat (features flip-down rear seat with wrap-around safety rails)

*Golf Bag Attachments are compatible with this Guardian Rear Seat.

Platinum Package: 

Includes everything in the Premium Package (see above), plus:

“Max-5” Rear Seat (features a rear grab bar, two swivel cup holders, a flip-down seat, and a built-in cooler/insulated storage)

*Golf Bag Attachments are compatible with this Max-5 Rear Seat.


Design Your Own From Scratch

We also offer you - our imaginative customers - the opportunity to start from scratch and design your own cart that’s perfect for you. From paint colors, seat textures and colors, wheel packages and more, you can pick out exactly what you want on your cart. You can also keep off anything you don’t need. We are also able to do custom fabrications to add a higher level of comfort and convenience for you and your passengers.

There’s a reason we name our golf carts almost immediately. Some favorites have been “Blue-Eyed Bella,” “Captain America,” "Seas The Day" and “Sassy Streak!” As they’re designed and built, they tend to take on a personality all their own and we can’t help but name them... and it always makes us smile when they become a part of your family too.

The Big O's Refurbish Process

When we refurbish our golf carts, we are doing more than meets the eye. (And yes, we are old-school Transformers fans. Who isn’t?!)

When the owner of Big O’s Golf Carts is a real-life rocket scientist, you just know it’s going to be a well-made machine. We are all about great performance - again, who isn’t?!


Where We Begin

We take 2-4 year-old EZGO RXVs that have ended their golf course leases. We get them beyond ready for new adventures on the paths, through the trails, or even just to the neighborhood pool. Their high-performance AC motor gives them added torque for hill climbing. And more power for carrying passengers around town with incredible ease and comfort.

To refurbish these RXVs, we break them down to the frame and rebuild them from the inside-out. This includes replacing the motor brake. This ensures a full life-span of the cart’s electronic brake system.

service_andy battery job

We check the functionality of the controller and the motor. Then we put a fresh set of brand new 48-volt Trojan batteries in it. And if you look closely, you’ll also find a shiny new Voltage Reducer next to the batteries... this is often overlooked but can add significant life to your batteries over time. It also helps to power your headlights, phone charger, or other electronic accessories.

Then we move to the rear. We add the highly-demanded rear flip-seat for cargo space with heavy-duty suspension. This ensures a comfortable ride for your backseat drivers (I mean passengers).

Wheels are next and we’re pretty proud of our wide variety of tire and rim options. From the standard 8” golf course wheels, to the highly durable and eye-catching DOT-Rated 10”, 12”, and 14” wheel packages. They add both visual appeal and improved performance.

We install an extended 80” Doubletake brand long top, for added comfort. The top is already fitted with tracking for your all-weather enclosure. This also includes new candy canes (yes, that’s really what those posts are called) and a tinted fold-down windshield.


Next we install New LED Head & Tail Lights. These give you brighter, longer lasting visibility. They also do not drain your batteries like their halogen counterparts.

We add a rearview mirror so you always know who is behind you. And battery “state of charge” meters so you know how far you can travel.

Cosmetic steps

We give the golf carts a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes two or three, depending on how creative our cart designer is feeling. Racing stripes, two-tones, flames and custom-mixed colors don’t even phase us. We love the classic colors and the most unique, and can match almost any color automobile on the road.

We also add new seat covers. The standard faux leather is available in black, buff or white. The premium upholstered marine quality material has over 100 color and texture options and an extra layer of cushioning. They are also fade-resistant and extremely easy to clean.


Keep reading to find out about some of the other common golf cart accessories we offer:


All-Weather Sunbrella Enclosure - protects you and your passengers from rain and cold with an attractive valance style and a custom snug fit.


Turn Signal-Horn-Brake Lights - increases functionality and safety, and improves street driving.


A Unique Key Ignition - gives you peace of mind that only your key will drive your cart. Includes new ignition and two keys.


Custom Steering Wheel - adds comfort and a sleek sporty look. Various options available.


Diamond or Mirror Plating - adds sleek look along bottom trim of your golf cart.

Mercedes-Style Side Mirrors - connects to your turn signals to notify other golf cart drivers if you’re turning, and gives you a wider peripheral view. Fully adjustable.


Guardian Backseat - replaces standard rear-flip seat with additional wrap-around rails plus flip-down cargo option.

Max-5 Backseat - replaces standard rear-flip seat with full-size safety bar plus swiveling cup holders, insulated storage/cooler, and flip-down cargo option.


USB/Phone Charger - gives you convenient charging power for cell phone use.


Custom Dashboard Console - provides additional storage and key-lock.

Rear Grab Bar - adds safety feature for backseat passengers.

Golf Bag Attachment - provides convenient removable golf bag holder for golf clubs.


Stereo/Surround Sound System - provides onboard entertainment. Available as a Bluetooth player plus 6.5” Polk Speakers, or a fully surround sound experience with subwoofers.


Lift Kit - adds 3” to 6” lift for off-roading capabilities or just a new look.

Upholstered Arm Rests+Cup Holders - adds convenient and comfortable beverage holders for rear seat passengers.

Those are just a few of our most requested upgrades. We’ve also been known to add undercarriage LED lighting, embroidered sports teams’ logos to seat backs, and more. Custom fabrications are also specifically requested from some of our customers.

Once the golf cart has been rebuilt, our refurbishing process is near completion. The last-but-certainly-not-least step is our thorough Quality Check Inspection Process. Each fully refurbished golf cart goes through this process before being added to the lineup for you to pick out and bring home.

You can thank the rocket scientist for the 3-Step Inspection Process designed for the refurbished golf carts. Seriously, it has Aerospace Engineer-ness all over it. This Process thoroughly examines three areas. Our certified technicians begin with the hardware. They confirm that all bolts, bushings, bearings, etc. are operational. Next, they examine the cosmetics of the golf cart. They make sure everything looks as it should and is without any major blemishes or damage. Finally, the technicians complete an operational check. This includes extensive test driving. We confirm the wheels, alignment, brakes, lights, battery meters, and other electronic accessories are performing as intended.


It is important to note that, even though we do practice and use the ISO 9001 Quality Control Process, we also recognize that mistakes do happen. We do our very best to remedy any issues that may potentially arise with the operation of these golf carts. We understand that, despite our thorough refurbishing process, the golf carts are still used machines. They cannot be expected to be flawless.

We look forward to helping you design your ideal fully refurbished golf cart with the features most important to you, and watching it come to life.