The Legend of Big O’s

We are often asked about the name of our shop and the Big O’s brand. We could tell you in a sentence or two, but really, it’s BIGGER than that.


The Rocket Scientist

Many long short years ago, there was a rocket scientist. By day, he designed impressive structures for airplanes and other flying objects. He knew his work was important, but he felt like he was missing something. Deep down, he knew he was supposed to do something BIG to change the world.


The Old Golf Cart

One day, he came across an old golf cart. He bought the cart, made it look fancy and drive even better. Then someone wanted to buy it! He sold this cart and felt good about his accomplishment and creation. So, he bought another old golf cart, fixed it up and made it look fancy like the one before. And he sold that one too!

The Start of Something

He started to think that maybe, just maybe, he was on to something. He continued working hard at his rocket scientist job during the day, but he started to think that his custom golf carts could be more than just a hobby, and he started to see a BIG business in his mind.

The Little Man

Then one day, a little man who had been a part of the rocket scientist’s life, who we will call “O,” looked at the rocket scientist and said a few words. It wasn’t much, but those words were powerful.

Something happened in the heart of the rocket scientist. A dream was born. Being a rocket scientist was cool, but he knew he could do more to change the world around him as the golf cart man.



He wanted freedom. He wanted to be in charge of his day so that he could spend as much time with O as possible. He knew if he did, he could learn from O, and O could learn from him.

The day came for the rocket scientist to walk away from his rocket scientist job and the golf cart man was officially born.

Big O's

It was time for the golf cart man to think of a name for his golf cart business. He thought and he thought and one day, he looked at O and realized the name had been there all along. He would name his company Big O’s!

O wasn’t very big in stature, but it was his heart, mind and will that were Big! He inspired the golf cart man, who wanted his company to have a big heart to change the world around him, just like O.


A Small Boy. A Mighty Spirit

“O” was Owen, the first-born son of the golf cart man. And even though Owen was just a small boy, his spirit was mighty. His heart loved Big, his brain thought Big, and his ideas were well, BIG! And the Big-ness he possessed was just what the golf cart man needed to be inspired to be the best golf cart man in the country, and to change the world around him.

Inspiring Change since 2013

Big O’s Golf Carts was officially born in 2013, and every day still, Owen continues to inspire his Father. He also loves to be in charge of and inspire his three younger siblings and friends to do great things.

We hope his Big ideas help inspire you change the world around you. After all, the best journeys are when we are in the pursuit of something bigger than ourselves.

andy_staff pic



Andy. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The Owner and Founder of Big O’s Golf Carts, and also the father of the real life Big O. He is the GOAT of golf carts. (We aren’t being mean and calling him a goat, it stands for Greatest Of All Time.)

Andy’s responsibilities around the shop know no bounds, but his chief responsibility is to provide leadership and guidance to the staff and to set an example of excellence to be above reproach in every aspect of business. Andy got this crazy idea to start a golf cart company after he bought, customized, and sold his first golf cart out of his house a few years back.

His favorite thing about what he does every day? Working with the amazing staff that makes Big O’s what it is each and every day. When he isn’t being the Best Boss Ever or B.B.E., he loves to design and build and he finds the process therapeutic. (This is why he is an engineer by profession, because let’s be real, most people try for five minutes and then throw the screwdriver.)

He enjoys strolling the aisles of Home Depot to figure more efficient ways of working on the golf carts by using different tools that he finds. When he isn’t solving problems that he didn’t know he had, he loves to focus on building business systems that operate efficiently, even when he isn’t around, so he is the main man without having to always be the main man.

One thing that Andy values is working every single day to better himself by listening to other successful business owners, reading books about business, mentorship, and being the best version of himself. He also stays in consistent communication with mentors in his life to make sure he is always on the right track personally and professionally.

Andy can also juggle, which seems like a random thing to throw in right now since he bio was getting kind of serious, but that’s exactly why it was thrown in.

Andy is also a beast on the racquetball court, can play six different instruments, and once opened for the Beach Boys with his college band. Rock on! He loves any food that involves the Italian genre and he really appreciates a good cheesesteak sandwich.

Andy is married to the love of his life, Ashlee, whom he says is the rock of their household. He credits her with always going along with his crazy business expansion ideas and is always right with him every step of the way. Together, they have five amazing children that they hope to raise up as fearless entrepreneurs, whom will one take over the Ilg business empire and continue on with the legacy that their parents started.

Last, but most importantly, Andy gives credit to God every day for helping him to overcome his own fears of success and going out on his own. He realized many years ago that starting a business wasn’t about money, it was about pursuing a “why” bigger than any obstacle, and one that scares you out of staying where you are.

Success, Andy says, isn’t about being wealthy, it’s about looking back and realizing how many people lives were changed for the better because of a dream that he and Ashlee chose to pursue. Andy, there are a lot of people that are glad you followed this crazy unction and decided to start Big O’s!


Owner & Marketing Director

Ashlee is a full-time Mompreneur and the 'Mama Bear' of Big O’s. She is the co-owner, marketing director, Andy’s wife, and the mom to the inspiration behind the O in Big O’s.

While her tasks vary according to the day of the week, Ashlee is all hands-on deck all the time. Most days, she is up late working behind-the-scenes, or keeping the Big O’s crew caffeinated, or out on the golf cart paths taking pretty pictures for marketing projects.

She has been by her husband Andy's side since he came up with the crazy idea to start this awesome adventure!


She is passionate about giving back and paying forward the success in business she and Andy have had. She loves being able to give to causes and organizations that she believes in and her motto is “To whom much is given, much is required.”

Ashlee loves to have the freedom to pursue her passions that entrepreneurship has afforded her. Big O’s would be lost without Ashlee and we are thankful for everything she does!

jaime_staff pic_2022

General Manager

Sales Manager

John was known for his double plays in minor league baseball, and today he is hitting homeruns serving our customers as our Sales Manager.

Family is really important to John, and that's what brought him to 'the south' and eventually to us here in The Bubble! He has quickly become an expert at golf carts, but his real expertise is in people - trust me when I say you'll feel like you've been friends forever after just your first meeting with John.

We'll tell you a little secret about John... He has a serious weakness for extra dark chocolate. So, if you're looking to score a great deal on your golf cart (or just want to say 'Thanks!' for his incredible service), you know what to do! And don't tell him we told you.

But in all seriousness, John brings a geniune smile, a strong handshake, and a fresh energy to our shop, and we are so thankful his life adventures led him to us.

john_staff pic_2022
tristan_staff pic_2022

Front Receptionist

Service Advisor

Nicole is one of our amazing Service Advisors so when your golf cart is here for service work, she’s your girl! In fact, if you bring her some Mexican food, she may even play favorites. Just saying… it may be worth a try?

Her favorite thing about working at Big O’s is the welcoming and learning environment. Failure isn’t fatal here, and we are always looking to improve and do it even better the next time! When Nicole sees an opportunity to serve her customers at a greater capacity, she does it with a smile!


nicole_staff pic 2022

Speaking of always seeing opportunities, Nicole was raised by a parent who was blind but didn’t let their lack of sight hold them back. She credits this “you can overcome any obstacle” attitude for her own determination and always having a vision for greatness.

In fact, one of her greatest adventures was helping a friend rebuild their home after a major fire tragedy. They may have been camping on a mountaintop in the snow for months, but they certainly weren’t complaining about climbing uphill both ways (if you know what I mean). Talk about a heroic act!

She loves chasing dreams on the roads less traveled (she’s in good company here!) and has a lifelong plan of living on her own self-sustained farm. But until then, her smile and never-ending energy are inspiring to everyone she meets here, and we are grateful to have her with us!

tori_staff pic_2022

Service Advisor

When you meet Tori, our beloved Service Advisor, you know your day just got brighter. She is sunshine and fresh air personified, with a generous dose of let’s-help-everyone-everywhere-everyday. Maybe it’s because she was born on Valentine’s Day… Or maybe it’s because she runs on iced chai tea lattes… we’re not sure!

She moved here from Canada a few years back with her family, and is a proud McIntosh Chiefs graduate. And that also makes her a local expert on all our cart paths.

Tori is no stranger to adventure and once climbed the side of a mountain with friends at 4am just to see the sunrise. I’m sure that was quite a view!

We’re so thankful to have her with us to share her contagious smile with all of you!


Service Diagnostician

Robert is our service team's Diagnostician and has been with Big O’s since our early days. That makes him one of the O.G.s, or Original Gangsters.

He oversees the technicians, organizes service work, and is the Chief Troubleshooter. If you look up the definition of “Jack of All Trades” in the dictionary, Robert’s picture is next to it.

Robert’s favorite thing about working for Big 0’s is working with the great crew of people that he gets to work with every day.

He built his first golf cart from scratch in 1996 so he’s definitely “the guy” when it comes to carts.


In addition, he spent 30 years as an aircraft mechanic and has over eight years of experience in golf cart maintenance so basically, if it needs to be fixed, he can do it!

He is a huge asset to us and we are proud and thankful to have Robert on board!

kenny_staff pic 2022


Quality Assurance Technician

Kenny joined our team last Fall and has already added an extra level of excellence in everything he does.

His area of expertise is double- and triple-checking all of our service work is done thoroughly and accurately. With the volume of golf carts that come through our service team, this is no small feat! But for Kenny, who loves all things automotive and mechanical, this is his happy place.


Service Technician

David is one of our original All-Star golf cart technicians - and he’s in it to win it! His favorite thing about working for Big O's is getting to work for Andy because he thinks Andy is the best boss on the planet.

When he's not making golf carts purr like sleeping kittens, he loves to shoot 9 Ball, which is a fancy way of saying he likes to "play pool."

And when he's not doing that, he loves to work on his ’66 Mustang that he is completely restoring.

David lived on a ranch in Arkansas for two years and delivered over 150 baby calves, and that is by far the most interesting thing we have heard about anyone in a long time.

david 2022

But on a serious note, David has been an amazing mechanic and we are grateful to have him on our team!

juan_staff pic 2022

Service Technician

Service Technician

alexander_staff pic 2022
asif_staff pic_2022

Service Assistant


james_staff pic_2022