The Legend of Big O’s

We are often asked about the name of our shop and how we came up with the Big O’s brand. Well, we could tell you in a sentence or two, but it’s really BIGGER than that.


The Rocket Scientist

You see, many long short years ago, there was a rocket scientist. By day, he designed really important structures for airplanes and other flying objects. He was a very smart man and he knew his work was important, but he felt like he was missing something.

Changing the World

He showed up every day, he worked really hard to make his company better. But when he went home each day, he didn’t feel like he was doing his part to change the world. And deep down, he knew he was supposed to do something BIG to change the world.


The Old Golf Cart

So he thought and he thought, and one day, he came across an old golf cart. He bought this old cart, made it look fancy and drive even better. Then someone wanted to buy it! He sold this cart and felt good about his accomplishment and creation. You see, in the town that this rocket scientist lives in, golf carts are as good as cars and having a fancy golf cart is like driving a new sports car.

He thought that selling the golf cart was kind of cool. So he bought another old golf cart, fixed it up and made it look fancy like the one before. And he sold that one too!

The Start of Something

He started to think that maybe, just maybe, he was on to something. He continued working hard at his rocket scientist job during the day, but he started to think more and more about golf carts at night. He kept fixing up and selling carts, and he started to see some of his creations riding around town. It made the rocket scientist feel good and he thought it was cool. He started to think that his custom golf carts could be more than just a hobby, and he started to see a BIG business in his mind.

The Little Man

Then one day, a little man who had been a part of the rocket scientist’s life, who we will call “O,” looked at the rocket scientist and said a few words. It wasn’t much, but those words were powerful.

Something happened in the heart of the rocket scientist. A dream was born. A vision took place, and the rocket scientist started to feel a burning desire to be the golf cart man, and no longer a rocket scientist. Being a rocket scientist was cool, but he knew he could do more to change the world around him as the golf cart man.



He wanted freedom. He wanted to be in charge of his day. He wanted to spend as much time with O as possible because he knew if he did, he could learn from O, and O could learn from him.

The day came for the rocket scientist to walk away from his rocket scientist job and the golf cart man was officially born. He kept selling carts and getting inspiration from O, and each day got better.

Big O's

After a short while, it was time for the golf cart man to think of a name for his golf cart business. He thought and he thought and one day, he looked at O and realized the name had been there all along. He would name his company Big O’s!

O wasn’t very big in stature, but it was his heart and his mind and his will that were Big – much bigger than his small body gave him credit for. He inspired the golf cart man and made him want to be the best golf cart man in the country. And he wanted his company to have a Big heart and Big desire to change the world around him, just like O.


A Small Boy. A Mighty Spirit

You see O was Owen, the first-born son of the golf cart man. And even though Owen was just a small boy, his spirit was mighty. Even in his small size, he was already showing signs of being a great leader. His heart loved Big, his brain thought Big, and his ideas were Big. And the Big-ness he possessed was just what the golf cart man needed to be inspired to be the best golf cart man in the country, and to change the world around him.

Inspiring Change since 2013

Big O’s Golf Carts was officially born in 2013, and every day still, Owen continues to inspire his Father. He also loves to be in charge of and inspire his three younger siblings and friends to do great things.

We hope his Big ideas help inspire you change the world around you. After all, the best journeys are when we are in the pursuit of something bigger than ourselves.

Our Team




Andy. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The Owner and Founder of Big O’s Golf Carts, and also the father of the real life Big O. He is the GOAT of golf carts. (We aren’t being mean and calling him a goat, it stands for Greatest Of All Time.)

Andy’s responsibilities around the shop know no bounds, but his chief responsibility is to provide leadership and guidance to the staff and to set an example of excellence to be above reproach in every aspect of business. Andy got this crazy idea to start a golf cart company after he bought, customized, and sold his first golf cart out of his house a few years back.

His favorite thing about what he does every day? Working with the amazing staff that makes Big O’s what it is each and every day. Andy is just the BEST! When he isn’t being the Best Boss Ever or B.B.E., he loves to design and build and he finds the process therapeutic. (This is why he is an engineer by profession, because let’s be real, most people try for five minutes and then throw the screwdriver.)

He enjoys strolling the aisles of Home Depot to figure more efficient ways of working on the golf carts by using different tools that he finds. When he isn’t solving problems that he didn’t know he had, he loves to focus on building business systems that operate efficiently, even when he isn’t around, so he is the main man without having to always be the main man.

One thing that Andy values is working every single day to better himself by listening to other successful business owners, reading books about business, mentorship, and being the best version of himself. He also stays in consistent communication with mentors in his life to make sure he is always on the right track personally and professionally.

Andy can also juggle, which seems like a random thing to throw in right now since he bio was getting kind of serious, but that’s exactly why it was thrown in.

Andy is also a beast on the racquetball court, can play six different instruments, and once opened for the Beach Boys with his college band. Rock on!! He loves any food that involves the Italian genre and he really appreciates a good cheesesteak sandwich.

Andy is married to the love of his life, Ashlee, whom he says is the rock of their household. He credits her with always going along with his crazy business expansion ideas and is always right with him every step of the way. Together, they have four amazing children that they hope to raise up as fearless entrepreneurs, whom will one take over the Ilg business empire and continue on with the legacy that their parents started.

Last, but most importantly, Andy gives credit to God every day for helping him to overcome his own fears of success and going out on his own. He realized many years ago that starting a business wasn’t about money, it was about pursuing a “why” bigger than any obstacle, and one that scares you out of staying where you are.

Success, Andy says, isn’t about being wealthy, it’s about looking back and realizing how many people lives were changed for the better because of a dream that he and Ashlee chose to pursue. Andy, there are a lot of people that are glad you followed this crazy unction and decided to start Big O’s!


Owner & Marketing Director

Ashlee is a full-time Mompreneur and the Wonder Woman of Big O’s. She is the co-owner, marketing director, Andy’s wife, and the mom to the inspiration behind the O in Big O’s.

While her tasks vary according to the day of the week, Ashlee is all hands-on deck all the time. On Saturdays, Ashlee gets the day off from being “Mom” and loves being at the shop to help customers pick out and design their perfect cart.

On other days, she is up late working behind-the-scenes, or keeping the Big O’s crew caffeinated, or out on the golf cart paths taking pretty pictures for marketing projects.


She has been with Big O’s since her husband Andy came up with the crazy idea to start this awesome adventure! She loves being a part of Big O’s because she loves building great friendships with customers, constantly improving ways to serve customers, and her favorite is watching kids on their first cart ride.

When she isn’t being completely awesome at Big O’s, Ashlee enjoys spending time with her favorite six-pack, doing handstands, chasing kids, carpooling, going on date nights with Andy, and figuring out ways to be a successful “mompreneur” amidst all the nonstop excitement.

And just to clarify, Ashlee’s favorite six-pack is Andy and their four beautiful kids. Andy + Ashlee + four kids = her six pack. We didn’t want anyone thinking that she loved hanging out with her abs because that would be a little odd.

She is passionate about giving back and paying forward the success in business she and Andy have had. She loves being able to give to causes and organizations that she believes in and her motto is “To whom much is given, much is required.”

While Ashlee is pretty awesome, she does love Mondays and she is the only person on the planet to publicly declare that. In addition to Mondays, she also loves Halo Top ice cream, chips and salsa, and COFFEE. Give her alllll of the coffee.

Ashlee loves to have the freedom to pursue her passions that entrepreneurship has afforded her. Big O’s would be lost without Ashlee and we are thankful for everything she does!


Sales Director

Amanda has been with Big O’s for two years and she is our Sales Manager and Cart Designer Extraordinaire. She loves working at Big O’s because she loves working with our amazing customers, designing custom carts, and spoiling the children who come into our shop.

Amanda is basically the Bob Ross of golf carts (but with much better hair). While she doesn’t paint happy clouds, she does create very happy customers and can usually be found handing out goodie bags, delivering balloon bouquets and taking selfies with customers.


But seriously, there’s a reason why so many of our 5-star reviews have her name in them! She is passionate about designing the best carts for each individual customer and making sure that her customers are so thrilled that she gains ‘hug status.’ (Basically, you’re going to love what she does so much that you’re going to want to hug her, even if you’re not a hugger.)

When she isn’t being awesome at Big O’s, Amanda loves to golf, decorate, get her hands dirty with DIY projects, paint and play basketball. She used to ride motorcross when she was younger and she’s currently looking for volunteers to lay on the ground while she jumps her bike over them. Just kidding, that would be dangerous.

One thing that Amanda aspires to do is to be a contestant on The Price is Right… “Amanda, come on down!” She loves to eat fried pickles, so bring some by the shop! She is an early bird and is normally awake and working out by 4 a.m. every day.

Eat friend pickles + working out = work/life balance. And while Amanda is not married and doesn’t have any kids, neither does Superwoman – so if you see her step into a phone booth, then you know who she really is. Amanda really is a superwoman around the shop and we are thankful for her dedicated service!



Customer Service Advisor

K.C. is our Customer Service Advisor, or CSA. We actually think that it stands for Constantly Sustaining Andy. But really, K.C. is like the kicker in football. He might not be on the field all the time, but he’s pretty important at the beginning and the end of a game, especially when you need to win. (Unless you’re a kicker for Alabama, then we would prefer you stay off the field…)

K.C. has only been at Big O’s for a few months, but he’s already proven himself to be a great asset. He loves what he does because everyone who walks through the door is treated like family.

While K.C. seems really kind and wonderful, which he is, he is training for his third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so don’t mess with K.C. unless you want a round-house kick to the torso a la Chuck Norris style. He also likes riding his Harley on a sunny day. (Yes mom, he wears a helmet.)

One thing K.C. is passionate about is teaching children quality life skills through Tae Kwon Do, and helps train them at a pretty successful TKD facility here in the area.

K.C. served in the U.S. Army for 17 years and that makes him an A+ in our book. We appreciate your service K.C.! He also says that he developed some really unique and strange talents while in the Army but in most cases, it’s an “I could tell you but I would have to kill you” situation, so we don’t really want to know what you know!

Here’s something we can tell you – he used to be a part of the choir and dance team in school and he performed in The Sound of Music and Music Man. So he can sing, dance, round-house kick and has secrets.

Basically, K.C. is Hugh Jackman. He’ll be signing autographs later. K.C., we are thankful to have you on our team here at Big O’s!


Service Manager

Robert is our beloved Service Manager and has been with Big O’s for about two years. That makes him one of the O.G.s, or Original Gangsters.

He supervises the maintenance crew, organizes service work, oversees the technicians, is the Chief Troubleshooter, and performs final quality assurance checks before golf carts leave the shop. If you look up the definition of “Jack of All Trades” in the dictionary, Robert’s picture is next to it.


Robert’s favorite thing about working for Big 0’s is working with the great crew of people that he gets to work with every day. When asked if he had a spouse or children he responded that he had feral “wild” cats. We aren’t sure where to go with that, but we are going to assume that he isn’t referring to a wife or kids, so Robert has pet wild cats.

When Robert isn’t being Andy’s right-hand guy at the golf cart shop, he loves to play billiards, go bowling and ride his Harley. Even though Robert loves Andy and loves Big O’s, he is super passionate about retiring and just stopping by to say “hey” every now and then, whenever that day comes.

He spent 30 years as an aircraft mechanic and has over eight years of experience in golf cart maintenance so basically, if it needs to be fixed, he can do it! He built his first golf cart from scratch in 1996 so he’s definitely “the guy” when it comes to carts.

He loves all things Mexican food, has been to Mexico more times than he can count, and lived in the Caribbean and parts of South America for a few years.

While he originally hails from Fremont, California, he has called “The Bubble” his home for the last 30 years. Robert, you are a huge asset to us and we are proud and thankful to have you on board!


Service Technician

David has been one of our All-Star golf cart technicians for over a year, so he’s in it to win it! His favorite thing about working for Big O's is getting to work for Andy because he thinks Andy is the best boss on the planet, in addition to being kind and understanding.

When he's not making golf carts purr like sleeping kittens, he loves to shoot 9 Ball, which is a fancy way of saying he likes to "play pool." He plays on a pool team with Keith, another Big O's mechanic extraordinaire, so I smell double trouble if you're going to play against them. You lose x 2.


Mexican food is his favorite and especially tableside guacamole. (Y’all should know the drill by now. Bring the man some guac!) If we want to get real specific, his favorite restaurant is La Hacienda, so now you know exactly where to go. When he’s not being awesome at fixing golf carts or winning in pool, he loves to work on his ’66 Mustang that he is completely restoring.

David lived on a ranch in Arkansas for two years and delivered over 150 baby calves, and that is by far the most interesting thing we have heard about anyone in a long time. He delivered one calf about every four to five days, so if any ladies go into labor at the golf cart shop, David has you covered! (Just kidding, he only delivers cows.) But on a serious note, David has been an amazing mechanic and we are grateful to have him on our team!


Service Tech Intern



Service Tech Intern