Golf Cart FAQs

If you are new to golf cart life, you probably have a few questions. And chances are, we’ve heard them before. Below are some answers to some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions.

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I’m in the market to purchase a golf cart but can’t decide which brand will best fit my needs. How do your new ICON, Bintelli, and Kodiak golf carts compare?

We believe there's a perfect golf cart for everyone! Between our ICON, Bintelli and Kodiak brands, we're optimistic that you'll find your perfect ride. Before you take one for a test drive, here is a quick glance at how they compare in these top categories:

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What are the benefits of choosing Lithium Batteries over the more common deep cycle "wet" batteries?

The benefits of choosing Lithium Batteries are many, and include:

  • No maintenance required.
  • Longer drive times.
  • Less charging time needed.

Our Lithium Battery package comes standard on our Kodiak Defender and Apex golf carts, and can be added to any of our ICON and Bintelli golf carts.

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What kind of warranty do you offer?

Each of our golf cart brands come with a 2-Year manufacturer's warranty.

Do you offer financing options?

We are proud to have several golf cart financing options through The Southern Credit Union and Lendmark. Contact our Sales team for more information on financing your golf cart.

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Should I purchase insurance for my golf cart?

Insurance is not required for your golf cart. However, many owners chose to purchase insurance for their golf cart as they would any other vehicle. We are proudly partnered with The Hathaway Family’s Farmers Insurance Agency, the number one Farmers agency in Georgia. For more information or to get a quote, we recommend contacting Tyler Hathaway, agency producer, at 678-701-5010.

How long and how far can I expect to travel with a fully-charged golf cart?

On average, a 48-volt fully charged golf cart can travel 18-22 miles or 4-5 hours. Please note that brand new batteries have what we call a “breaking in” period. They take about 100 charges to reach their full driving range potential. In addition, driving on a lot of hills can lower the distance your golf cart can travel.

How do I register my newly purchased golf cart?

In Peachtree City, you’ll need to bring your signed Bill of Sale and $45 to City Hall. They will give you a 3-year permit decal for your golf cart.

For residents in towns outside of Peachtree City, please contact your local city hall or DMV office to find out about registering your golf cart.

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