Elite Golf Carts

We are proud to announce we are the exclusive dealer of ELITE Golf Carts in Peachtree City!

Get ready for your adventures to go to the next level with Elite Golf Carts' impressive features and more!

Read about the Elite models below, and come in for a test drive to discover which one is the best for you.

(Pictured at right, the Elite GM 6-Passenger in Black.)

eliteGM_customer on black 6P

In accordance with the Peachtree City Golf Cart Regulations, the ELITE Golf Carts Speed and Weight are as follows:

The Speed of all ELITE models is programmed to 19.5 MPH.

The Weights of the ELITE golf carts are as follows - 4-Passenger Non-Lifted is 1,044 lbs., 4-Passenger Lifted is 1,073 lbs., and 6-Passenger Non-Lifted is 1,155 lbs.

elite_cobalt blue main
elite GM_lifted red_1

Elite GM:

Lithium Batteries (includes 8-year manufacturer's warranty)

High Quality Metallic Paint Color

Premium Upholstered Contoured Seats

10.1" Flat Touch Screen Multimedia Display

Rear/Back-Up Camera Display

Bluetooth Stereo System integrated for hands-free phone and navigation

Unique Key Set

Custom Steering Wheel

10”-12" DOT-rated Wheel Package

Turn Signal + Horn + Brake Lights

LED Head & Tail Lights

Retractable Seatbelts

Matching Extended Roof with Safety Handles

Side Mirrors with Turn Signals

AC Motor for increased performance on hills

Drum Brakes & Automatic Parking Brake System

Onboard Charger for easy access and maintenance

Spacious & ergonomic body/seating style